Whack-A-Do®      Haircut Just For You!


The History of
Whack-A-Do/Whack-A-Do Plus®

Being allergic to perms and color, Darlene Stewart (co founder) needed a chemical free environment to work. After talking with Agneis Mayfield (co founder), they discovered, there was a need for a place, where clients could get great haircuts, any day of the week, at an affordable prices,
with no appointments and no chemical smells.

With Darlene’s years of experience managing corporate Salons and Agneis’s years of experience doing accounting, together they formed Mayfields Empire Inc. in 1998.
DBA Whack-A-Do/Whack-A-Do Plus® a trademarked name.

While Mayfields Empire was being formed, It founders were trying to decide what to name their store. They wanted a name that would get attention. During the discussion Agnesi Mayfield, came up with Whack-A-Do®. They had so much fun with the name, it just stuck. Some people ask why Whack-A-Do®? Because it works! Some people like it, Some don't, but no one forgets it.
And alot of people talk about it. Thats what we wanted.

They opened the first Whack-A-Do® location in Tampa, FL of 1998. Because of Illness in the family that location was sold in 2001, without the use of the trademarked name Whack-A-Do®. At that time, Agnesi Mayfield gave up her interest in the corporation.  
In April 2001 Darlene Stewart moved to Lake City, Florida and opened the second Whack-A-Do® location, on Hwy 90, in Lake City Florida.

January 31,2008, Whack-A-Do® opened a full service salon, Whack-a-do Plus®. This store provide’s, cuts, perms, color, & hi-lites for our customers.




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